Talent Program

The International Talent Program is a long term internship project dedicated to help students acquire practical skills and make 
their first steps in advertising. 

We would like to collaborate with young enthusiasts of graphic design, animation, programming, creative & digital media. 
We offer a great work experience including active participation in our projects and developing innovative solutions in digital 
and traditional media. 

Last opinion about our program: 
,,Looking back, the previous internship affirmed and ensured me in my personal career planning. In general it was especially 
the constant change of projects, customers and subjects, that made me experience my work as interesting and diversified. 
My time at 180 heartbeats + JUNG v. MATT gave me the chance to deepen and at the same time widen my theoretical 
knowledge and practical skills." 
Mirko Grahnert, Germany 

If your heart is beating faster apply to: