Bożena — accountant from the Creative Accountants' Club had a blog — She published short training footages with surprisingly unprofessional graphic advices. Content posted by her, in which 30'' Samsung monitor played its main part, were frequently discussed on discussion boards of professional graphic designers. People were surprised, why such good equipment is used to play solitaire and cropping photographs of her not very photogenic grandson. Films with accountant Bożena quickly became virals, they were seen more than 120,000 times.


It is difficult to convince professional computer graphic designers to any brand. These are people who are familiar with equipment, tied to their favourite products, sensing from a distant advertisement poetics. That is why campaign promoting new models of Samsung computer displays used inversion: you don't need a good monitor if you are an accountant and play solitaire in your free time. You need it when you are a professional graphic designer.


We created a figure of accountant Bożena and blog on which we posted her educational footages with peculiar advices for graphic designers. Blog gained attention of target audience both by its controversial content and also by the way it looked (aesthetic of early 90's web pages). Just after 4 days from the beginning of our campaign, Bożena was on the first place of footages recommended on YouTube and "Educational" footages ware watched 120,000 times, 20,000 links to blog were placed all over the internet. Professional graphic designers wrote over 700 posts on their discussion boards. Samsung computer displays placed in helpless hands, triggered great emotions over the target audience and tied professional graphic designers to the brand.