Obszar roboczy 3 kopia 7Obszar roboczy 3 kopia 7

180heartbeats has developed a digital campaign to launch Ballantine’s 23 Year Old in South Korea. 



The campaign strapline “For those who matter the most” is firmly embedded in Korean culture, and refers to the popular custom of giving gifts. Targeting mature men aged over 30, mostly business travelers, supports the sale of Ballantine’s 23 Year Old, available exclusively at duty-free. 


Video tells the story of Bruno, well-known Korean influencer who is writing a “thank you” message to his mentor. The campaign encourages Koreans to recognize the people who have helped them in their path to maturity, which in this case is the symbol of time that the liquid has spent maturing and developing in casks. The campaign has been activated on social media - Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and as a display campaign at Korean airports.