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We are 180heartbeats + Jung von Matt, an independent creative agency with strong digital competence. We create brand excitement and partner with brands that want to make a change. We're an independent interactive agency located in Warsaw, Poland. We plan, create and perfect communication. We generate excitement.

We hit the nail on the head. We always focus on brand goals. We track insights and verify who they are real for. We draw conclusions based on the trends analysis and activities of brands’ competitors. We love being involved in the life of brands we work for. We create both individual campaign strategies and the long-term communication solutions. Efficiency is what matters the most for us.

We create virtual communities. We reach opinion leaders and engage in dialogue. We define targets, monitor and report on the effectiveness of our activities. We use social platforms to follow communication and to track competitors, in order to improve the efficiency and security of our own actions. We follow trends and operate on platforms suitable for our target groups.

Our ideas generate excitement. We follow trends in culture and technologies and use them as the basis for brands’ creative solutions. We write and direct commercial, come up with campaigns, applications, websites. We deliver a finished creative product.

We draw and animate. We design for the Internet and print. We approach each and every project as a challenge, no matter how big or small. We are interested in fonts, colors, layouts. We simply love typography. If we break the rules, it is for a reason.
We know what the current trends are. We stand by our ideas, but we also understand the power of change. We balance the proportions between accessibility and originality. Great design is useful design.

We plan, create and carry out events which have a digital heart. We run diverse events: from ambients to the fashion shows and concerts. We know what excites people. We provide them with unforgettable experiences. Our events are based on a strong strategy and creative, they use interactivity and technology.

We like our clients and take care of their brands. We operate in a thoughtful and agile way. We are flexible and receptive to change. We manage projects always bearing in mind the people who created them. We love selling our good ideas to clients. We reply to emails and phone calls. Always.

We design user friendly products. We believe in the power of interaction. We want our users’ experience to be positive. We design information architecture for portals, websites, applications, intranets, extranets, dedicated and transactional systems. We analyze, test, consult the usability of interfaces. We carry out usability tests and expert analyses. We regard all users’ interacting activities, online and in real life, as part of their contact with the product.

Great performance is our work. We analyse and interpret data and website traffic, we provide recommendations for brands. We work closely with AI: compiling qualitative and quantitative data reports allows us to create efficient internet services. We carry out audits, prepare reports. We know how to be SEO-friendly.

We analyse, programme and test. We are Internet with a capital ‘I’! Our professional team provide large and small products: from small campaigns to large-scale corporate portals. Our social applications and loyalty programmes engage thousands of users. Not only do we introduce ready open source and corporate systems, but we also develop proprietary solutions like 180lion or 180monkey. Do you need something more sophisticated? Bespoke software is our speciality. We use RWD to deal with various resolutions, search engines, devices. Platforms and mobile applications cannot keep secrets from us. We know how important control over your business is. Therefore, we emphasise the clarity of the production process and uninterrupted monitoring of the finished products after deploying it on server/s. We provide a superb hosting. We are not afraid of innovation. We love experiments and, wherever possible, we put these together with technology. As a part of LAB^180 we overstep the limits of online. We merge online and offline, developing creative prototypes, that teach, entertain and most of all make the heart beat faster, every heart!
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