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Contact us and see how we are passionate about what we do. We partner with marketers who drive change. We generate emotions. Through our work, we change social attitudes. Great team of our talented people are the reason for the success of our approach. We bring bold ideas and complex projects to life and this is who we are:


business director

business director who manages interdisciplinary teams in delivering unique value for brands. Executes campaigns across all communication channels.

Contact Radek for: business collaboration, briefs.

RADEK@180HB.COM+48 513 063 322


technology & lab director

His knowledge and experience straddle three fields: marketing automation, creativity and technology. He delivers projects that improve relationships between brands and their users.

Contact Szymon for: cooperation in the area of MarTech, Digital Transformation, CX, UX/UI and Technology.

SZYMON@180HB.COM+48 516 108 007


business hr partner

HR expert who believes that the strength of an organization and business thrives from relationships.

Contact Justyna for: recruitment, people development, wellbeing, general.

JUSTYNA@180HB.COM+48 722 150 880