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Brave Heartbeats - Talent Programme

We are brave heartbeats. Doers. Creatives.

We think with heart. We create ideas that move people. Make their hearts beat faster.
We stand against all sorts of intolerance in Poland.

Hate speech. Nationalism. Discrimination.
We fight it by using a powerful weapon. Bold ideas. Words. Posters. Art. Not hate. Not violence. Ideas.

Because we believe powerful ideas can make a change. Ideas can beat intolerance.

Who are we looking for?

We are searching for new brave heartbeats, ideally creative teams, with an activist spirit.

Individuals who share our vision and who believe that ideas can make a change.

We are looking for open-minded, multicultural and tolerant people.


We are looking for interns who want to learn and grow in an agency environment.

We are also searching for doers - the ones wjo code, make websites, illustrate.

Ideally students with previous agency experience.

Fluent English is a must.

What we offer?

We offer our interns work experience in an agency environment. They will be working on daily tasks, answering to briefs, and working as part of the project team.


Our interns will take part in a 6-month programme, during which they would have to complete the set project.


We not only offer our interns all needed support in making their project happen, but also offer accomodation in Warsaw and pocket money, which will cover daily expenses.

Why is our programme different?


Most of the time the ad agencies give their interns an opportunity to gain working experience and possible real projects to their books.


Interns work on daily tasks, answer to the briefs, attend in production.


We offer something more. We would like to invite people from the outside of Poland with different, fresh perspective and world changing ideas.


We will give our interns one additional project and support them on executing the idea.


The brief for this project is to be based on a real life situation that happened in Poland.


Current situation in Poland is very concerning. Some groups in our society spread intolerance and discrimination in all possible forms. Nationalism and hate towards cultural minorities, LGBT communities to name only few.


We want to take actions against intolerance in our country and we want to ask our new interns for support with their groundbreaking ideas. We believe even the smallest acts can make a difference.

What have we done so far?


The Talent Program has been implemented continuously since 2011.


It was then the first creative team Jarne and Yordi appeared in our office. After the first successes, we started to recruit new people from different parts of the world: Spain, France, Argentina, or Colombia.


We cooperate with some of the leading creative schools in Europe, such as Brother Ad School, Zink Project and Hyper Island Stockholm.


Some members of the programme joined our regular Creative team and achieved successes on an international arena.