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Only light Samsung laptop computer helps white collar workers to avoid problems with upper limbs getting longer. This affliction is caused by heavy computers made by other manufactures. In teaser part of the campaign we presented how inconvenient daily routines may be, because of lengthen arm. Reveal found a light solution for these problems — the family of Samsung products. Campaign was accompanied by ambient actions, auctions on Allegro and blog of a man with a long hand.


Our aim was launching Samsung brand on Polish notebook market. These notebooks were different because there were light. Other companies talked than mainly about price, technology, appearance and functionality. But qualitative and quantitative research proved that lightness and mobility are more important for customers than the appearance or innovative technology.


In order to surprise the audience we used inversion: we presented the consequence of not owning a laptop made by Samsung — unnaturally long arm. We started 7-days long teaser campaign, which presented problems of having long arms connected with everyday professional life. Drinking coffee, greeting friends, moving around, sleeping on a desk — all these activities became difficult because of longer limb. We shared materials over social networks. We also constructed blog of Irek Longers, and we also put a jacket with prolonged sleeve on sale via Allegro.pl. All this actions gained attention. Campaign reached to 10 million people. Thanks to this campaign spontaneous awareness of Samsung brand increased by 4% among target audience.

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