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Life is like a computer game. Each of us has to cope with daily obstacles, levels and statistics. Together with Tiger brand we created a platform changing peoples' lives into computer games. No matter what you do in your game, Tiger will help you to regain energy. For the first time, everyone had a chance to win a dedicated arcade console with custom made game about his or her life.


Game Is Not Over is another step connected with moving Tiger towards premium sector. Aiming at older consumer we used arcade games, which are objects of cult of thirty-year-olds. According to expectations, games were the biggest success among people who are currently 24–35 years old. After the initiation of gameisnotover.pl this platform registered over a million of views in just a few weeks.


We created a gaming platform: gameisnotover.pl. Games created by us (Anatomia, Party, Deadline) are the first interactive collage of retro game placed over a cinematic background. From medicine student gripped with exam fever and a fan of Japanese animation to corporate junior — no matter with what your game is connected — Tiger will help you to regain energy and strength.

Social Media

The idea of Game Is Not Over smoothly spread to social media and from there to offline world. On Tiger's fan page we asked fans: "What is Your game? Describe Your life and win a personal arcade console with custom game about Your life." The winner — Adrian — worker of removal company from Zgorzelec, received an arcade game about his life. In this game, he carries packages, covers steepness of stair cases, fights with allergy to cats and pays attention to banana skins.

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