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Big Milk action #GłowaDoGóry (#HeadsUp) is an incentive to show joy and optimism. As part of the campaign, we organized a competition in which the Poles could win a big Big Milk event for their city. The finale of the event was a surprise ice cream landing from a drone. The campaign, conducted on many channels, has connected the online and offline worlds.


Joy is simple. You don't need much to find a reason for it. According to the slogan accompanying the Big Milk brand for years, we organized #GłowaDoGóry campaign, the finale of which was ice cream landing from a drone.


Big Milk #głowadogóry has been divided into two stages: cities competition and the final event. In the first part of the operation, participants voted for the city, in which the event was to take place, by uploading a photo on Instagram with hashtags: #głowadogóry and the name of the city. The inhabitants of Radom turned out to be the most active on Instagram, and that's where the big Big Milk event was organized. #głowadogóry is a call to being optimistic and looking out for the ice cream falling from the sky and bringing joy.


In the second stage of the campaign, a lot of attractions awaited Radom residents, including the presence of the Abstrachuje group. However, the greatest of them was the Big Milk landing, which were dropped from a drone in specific places using specially designed parachutes. The Big Milk event gathered over 4,000 people. 5000 ice cream were distributed during the event.


For the purpose of dropping ice cream from the air, we have created a special machine - BigMilkcopter - a combination of a refrigerator with 24 chambers for ice cream, and a drone. BigMilkcopter after getting the right height threw the ice placed on small parachutes directly to the hands of the event attendees. The mobile website indicated the places of droppings. Radom residents engaged in interactive play, looking for ice cream with their smartphones.