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Corporate websites

  • Websites and platforms for large corporations are also a huge challenge for teams on the client's side and ours.



  • We carefully plan and evaluate each project of wide corporate websites from the very beginning, working closely with client's technical people. By planning design and programming works according to the Agile methodology, we create scalable and optimized solutions for current expectations and needs both within the enterprise and of its consumers.
    Particular attention is paid to the analytics stage, carrying out prototyping, building mockups and application usage scenarios, as well as verifying the feasibility study of the project.
    What is not obvious for a large part of such projects - we provide support during the post-implementation period, keeping specialists in database optimization and infrastructure security as part of our resources in the technology team.
    Meet us and our projects that change businesses for the better:

An integrated website in which content has been collected and optimized from three different communication platforms.