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Thanks to our campaign everyone was able to express his or her opinion on why it is well in Poland. On web page wpolscejestdobrze.pl users could post their arguments, which were transferred to voice synthesizer. Each text added by a participant of this campaign was voiced by one of four "typical American citizens" in a specially arranged footage. During three weeks, users added almost 10 000 opinions.


Event "It is well in Poland" was a continuation of a TV campaign promoting 5,55% investment and saving. It is a reaction to financial crisis in the USA. Internet users were able to praise Poland through mouths of New Yorkers and mess around with their friends: inform them that citizens of the USA want to elect them for the post of the president of the USA. Web page of this event allowed sending someone a "real" journalist report from the USA, where it was possible to hear a crowd chanting someone's name. Personalisation of the content was the driving force of sharing opinions with friends.


Key element of this campaign was a web site that allowed sharing opinions on why it is well in Poland. Web site automatically translated sentences written by users into English and then transferred them to speech synthesizer. Next, the page showed footage with an American citizen speaking with English voice-over and Polish subtitles. If the user did not finish the sentence "It is well in Poland because...", the statement of an American citizen was automatically generated and it contained a few randomly chosen good opinions on our country.