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What is really masculine? Together with Unicef Polska we proved that it is helping other people. We invited many well-known men to o our campaign. Dressed in special suits emphasizing their musculature, they promoted the campaign in mass media. This project was a part of a bigger program aiming at reinforcement of vaccination system in Sierra Leo


According to assumptions of the campaign, it triggered an all-Poland discussion about standards of masculinity in contemporary culture — many publications connected with this topic appeared in mass media. Helping others came in being in a context of being "a real man", what encouraged people to support Unicef's project. We promoted this action not only in media, but also in Warsaw tube, buses, cinemas and in selected discount stores. Thanks to campaign "Guys save children" over 600,000 PLN were collected for vaccination against tuberculosis, polio and tetanus. Over 250,000 children and 800,000 mothers-to-be benefited from this campaign in Sierra Leone.