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Campaign emphasizes local character of web portal Tablica.pl and exhibits in a humorous and friendly way the idea, that there is always someone who wants things that we do not need any more. This way it encourages people to get rid of things that are not needed anymore. It also emphasizes positive aspects of personal receipt of goods — it is easy and fast. Transactions on Tablice.pl are human and neighbourly.


Main challenge was connected with building brand consciousness of Tablica.pl — web page with local advertisements. What is more we had to associate it with selling used goods. Campaign had to reach both people who are selling and buying goods. To achieve these aims we used observation as a starting point: Poles love to hoard lots of useless things. At the same time they are aware o the fact that they have to clean their environment from unnecessary obejcts. Tablica.pl makes trade easier and assures that the transaction will not be complicated or time consuming. Target audience was supposed to remember that it is possible to sell unnecessary items on Tablice.pl instead of collecting them. Thanks to Tablica.pl it is possible to quickly find someone from the neighbourhood who needs them. Tablice.pl saves those who keep a lot of junk in their households.

Garage sale led by Tablica.pl in Żoliborz (Warsaw) — transmitted by TVN and TVP, advertisements "I will sell my bike via Tablica.pl" placed on balconies of blocks of flats all over Poland, events of transferring advertisements from local markets, sales in student hostels, ambient action "Cleaning of the city" — all this actions hit precisely an important segment of target audience and were complementary to TV, radio and internet campaign. They contributed to recognizability of the brand. Thanks to our actions number of advertisements placed on Tablica.pl increased from 170,000 to more than 900,000. Tablica.pl outdistanced previous market leader and the number of visitors on this page increased considerably. Number of Facebook fans increased by 10,000. Our campaign was also equally successful in Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia.

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