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Rak’n’Roll Records is the first charity record label. It sales music and gathers money to help women after mastectomy. This is an innovation in thinking about social campaigns: record label will ensure founds for Rak'n'Roll foundation for many years. On web site raknrollrecords.com you can listen in mono to songs donated by artists , stereo version is available after donating at least 2 PLN. Idea generated over 800 000 PLN of free media.


The aim of this campaign is raising funds for Rak’n’Roll foundation. Overcoming stereotypes connected with breast cancer is also important. The message of charity record label is optimistic, motivating and in accordance with rock'n'roll spirit. Audience of the campaign experienced musical mastectomy via the internet, through radio and television. Than people were able to buy favourite songs in stereo via internet store of the record label. Campaign aims at reaching as wide audience as possible and engaging polish music scene. Organizers of the campaign based it on a simple message: life without one breast is incomplete, just like a song in mono version. This message is clear for every music fan.


We started with a simple insight: life without one breast is incomplete. It is like living in mono. We decided to deliver attractive music to fans — that is what record labels do. Artists donated songs that were unpublished, remixes and B-sides. Campaign was supported by the biggest radio stations in Poland (like for example: Roxy, Radio Zet, Anty Radio, Chilli Zet). Musicians involved in this campaign promote the idea on concerts, in social media, by the internet and TV footages. There are articles about the campaign in media, many bloggers and users of twitter write about this record label.

Design & animation

We created logo of this campaign referring to rock'n'roll culture. It identifies the foundation visually. We designed web page that allows users to buy music donated by artists. We created the visual shape of the first charity record label.


One of the most important parts of this project is its web page: raknrollrecords.com. It allows users to buy music donated by artists in stereo. Music base of the project is still growing. There are over 100 artists in it. Link to the web page is presented every time subject of this record label appears in media.

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