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We created the idea of #Frescatime - an afternoon time of fun & chill to introduce a new product of the Spanish beer brand - San Minguel Fresca to the Polish market. The campaign included ontrade and offtrade channels.


San Miguel Fresca is a light, refreshing beer, created for the celebration of warm summer evenings. It tastes best when chilled in the company of lime or lemon and of course among friends. To bring the philosophy of the San Miguel brand to the Polish people, we created Frescatime - a summer time of relaxation and fun lasting on weekends and weekdays afterwork evenings.


To celebrate Frescatime, we organized series of events in the most popular Warsaw bars and set up a competition: At the weekends' #frescatime events there was a touch-screen that enabled the atendees to create a GIF and take part in the competition. The main prize was a private event for the winner and their 50 friends with the appropriate supply of San Miguel Fresca.