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The Employee Gala is an annual event organised by the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (Poland’s only state-owned bank). This ceremony is a time of summing up and honouring the best workers. It is also a great occasion for celebration.


Our aim was to show that events for employees don’t have to be boring or don’t have to offer only entertainment attractions. Big institutions are the collection of diverse individuals and various preferences. The Employee BGK Gala as an employer branding action had the aim of integrating employees, even those, who don’t work with each other on day-to-day basis. The proposed form of event offered diverse proposals, which pleased wide range of participants.


During the Employee BGK Gala, guests had an opportunity to listen to the lecture of Psychologist and book writer, Jacek Walkiewicz. Participants had also the chance to take part in attractions like interactive mirror, virtual playlist, gifbox, fotomat and others. Another attractions, prepared especially for the attendees was Audiofeels concert. The speaker of the event was famous TV presenter, Oliver Janiak. To highlight the modern character of BGK, we organised the event in unique spaces of Soho Factory.