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A campaign utilizing the neon "Nice to See You" on the Gdańsk bridge in Warsaw. Its aim was to build an association between the positive message of the neon, which became the symbol of Warsaw and its founder - innogy Poland.


innogy Poland (formerly RWE) as the sponsor of the Warsaw Museum of Neon and the founder of several neon installations in the urban space was not sufficiently associated with this activity. The agency's task was to create an idea that would help to build associations between the company and neon lights, in particular the "Nice to See You" neon funded by RWE on the Gdańsk Bridge and its positive message carrying good energy. The task was also focused on creating a communication link between the old and the new, in reference to the rebranding, under which RWE was transformed into innogy Poland.


We decided to use the message of the neon, Nice to See You and enable the inhabitants of Warsaw to give these nice, emotional greetings to their relatives. Allowing Warsaw residents to send personal greetings through the neon on the bridge was supposed to encourage them to share positive energy and link it to the founder of the original neon version - RWE. At the same time the bridge (literally and metaphorically) became a communication bridge between RWE before rebranding and the new innogy Poland. The action has become a perfect complement to the wide-ranging communication presenting the new brand, and the slogan "Nice to See You" has become the flagship motto of the entire rebranding campaign.


The existing neon "Nice to See You" was expanded by 11 additional diode screens and connected to the Internet. We have created a dedicated website (available both on desktop and mobile), where users could enter their greetings. During the campaign we showed 24,695 greetings, and the site was visited 31,623 times by 21,633 unique users.