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In 2016, we were responsible for the implementation of the campaign introducing the new product - Dakea Ultima. For its sake a specially adapted car was built - Dakea Truck - an innovative and creative solution for educating professional roofers and sellers about company's new products.


Dakea is a Danish brand of the roof windows. The agency's goal was to create a unique campaign to launch new roof windows and build a brand image offering high quality products among the specific target group, hard-to-reach with traditional communication - professional roofers and window sellers.


Dakea Truck - a specially designed and adapted truck, equipped with the latest technologies for video presentation, supplemented with a dedicated application and a position for product presentation.

The truck was prepared in such a way as to combine the educational function with an attractive form of communication dedicated to professional roofers. It has been equipped with armchairs and 6 HD plasma screens, creating comfortable conditions reminiscent of cinema.

For the needs of the project we have also prepared a mobile application controlled by a tablet, which presents the most important functionalities of new products.We created an application for sellers and a website dedicated to the product as well.


The truck enables meetings with roofers and sales specialists in a convenient place and time, and provide them with expert knowledge of Dakea experts in an attractive formula. Thanks to the applied solutions, Dakea truck provides full experience of the new product not only in Poland, but also in other european countries.