Obszar roboczy 3 kopia 7Obszar roboczy 3 kopia 7

The campaign launching the successor of the famous Roshe model - Nike Roshe 2 made you look at urban sports shoes from a completely new perspective.


We used a variety of communication channels, each time making sure that they present a new perspective. The axis of the project was a website utilizing street view. In addition, we created an interactive display campaign, Facebook posts in 360 technology, in mobile we used an interactive gyroscope, and the final of the campaign was an event utilizing VR technology.


Website prepared in 360 technology allowed users to take a virtual walk around Warsaw with a coach Kasia Wolska and hip-hop artist Piotr "Vienio" Więcławski. They are both connected with Warsaw, they know it well and presented their favourite running and leisure places. As an element of the campaign we also organised the most real, full of surprises walk around Warsaw with Roshe 2 guides.


Event attendees took part in a VR game. The game consisted of jumping on a trampoline and then breaking over the Warsaw horizon. To do this, players had to find the number "2" and keep their eyes on it for 2 seconds. Each success granted a higher jump on the trampoline. The final one allowed for a flight over Warsaw. And then return to earth.