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The viral campaign, "I will tell you what you will do" using the character of the Boss of All Bosses created by Aleo. The goal of the campaign was to refresh the image and build entrepreneurs' awareness about Aleo, the first open purchasing platform in Poland for companies launched by ING.


Our task was to create an idea that would refresh the company's image and remind about the role it can play in business, and at the same time to present the Boss of All Bosses in a new installment. We decided to show that not only average entrepreneurs obey the Boss of All Bosses Even the most harsh and non-conformist celebrities do.


We decided to involve the stars of Polish television - Magda Gessler, Wojciech Cejrowski and the French youtuber - Remi Gaillard, but in a completely new, creative way. The idea was to use influencers and their previous achievements in new contexts. The viral campaign is based on three mashup videos, the combination of various visual materials into one new clip. Well-known hero - the Boss of All Bosses, who is respected and knows everything about running a business, gives orders to his popular interlocutors and then turns to the recipient directly: "And you will enter Aleo and do business".