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We have introduced the iconic premium-segment ice cream brand - Ben & Jerry's. During a series of events, we shared ice cream and brand values: peace, love and fair trade with their participants.


The goal of the campaign, focused on the youngsters, was building brand awareness, spreading its values and creating consumers' engagement. We have achieved this through channels best suited for the target group - active use of social media and events.


In the early spring we recruited Ben&Jerry's Crew, a group of brand's fans, whose task was to support events. We started the event season in April with the celebration of Ben&Jerry's - Free Cone Day in Warsaw, between the Palace of Culture and Science and the Central Railway Station - on a busy, popular promenade in the city center. Then we appeared in Krakow as a part of the International Earth Day celebrations, and then it got even more interesting! In the middle of summer, we used the increasingly popular outdoor movies trend to promote the brand - in the Royal Łazienki Park and in the Krakow Bednarski's Park, we organized mini-screenings, showing the participants well recognized productions: "Little Miss Sunshine" and "Whiplash". During all events we collaborated with Fairtrade Polska. Their task was to educate participants about the idea of ​​fair trade and the value it represents for the B&J brand.