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Project context

Bauwerk Parkett is a leading producer and seller of high-quality parquet and flooring in Switzerland and throughout Europe. It is a company that has experience and know-how, which, however, used it mainly in analogue way, thus not benefiting from the potential of digital tools.


Together with our partner Jung von Matt / Limmat, we were tasked to completely rebuild the www.bauwerk-parkett.com website, which was now to form part of the new digital ecosystem. As the 180heartbeats agency, we provided technological support in this project - we built a new website and provide ongoing technological and substantive support.


We have created a new website that, thanks to a multitude of tools, perfectly suits the challenges of digital transformation. When implementing the new solution, we used the NeosCMS platform, which provides a flexible mechanism for entering and editing data about products and partners. We also developed a key information panels system for the project for Bauwerk partners. They support the partners' contact with consumers, and from the business side they create a new channel for acquiring digital leads with distribution in real time to dedicated levels of partners.


Thanks to our work and work of our colleagues from JvM/limmat, a fully responsive website was created, gathering information not only about each of the wide range of Bauwerk Parkett products, but also about 2,500 brand-related partners.


Modules and functionalities

Product Search Engine

In the search for your dream parquet, the Parkett Finder module will certainly be helpful - it is a wide product base, which thanks to numerous filters (from the color and type of wood through the available budget to the finishing method) will quickly show the optimal combinations. Product information is downloaded directly from the Bauwerk Parkett database.


There is a daily updated database of Bauwerk partners from around the world. Each of them has an automatically generated business card webpage on the website, which he can customize at his own discretion. In addition, we collect information about the rates that they charge for the installation of parquet floors, which we use in our tools designed for end users.


Users who are unfamiliar with nearby floor layers can easily find them using the search engine on the website. All you need to do is use geolocation or choose a country and zip code to get a list of partners within a specified range along with their locations marked on an interactive Google map. The search engine promotes partners with higher levels, displaying their positions on a wider range and moving them up the list.

Interactive tools

Interactive tools have been developed on the website. Users cannot only save selected products as favorites, but also print their entire list or generate special links, thanks to which it is easy to share choices with friends, suppliers or floor layers. In addition, with the help of a calculator that draws data on rates from our partner database and product data from the Bauwerk Parkett database, they can easily calculate how much it would cost to cover the selected parquet on a given surface in their area.

Lead management system

Those who are decided to make consultations with specialists may leave their contact information on the website. The website will automatically contact nearby parquet installers by email and encourage them to contact potential customers. Prepared tools allow to easily monitor the status of leads not only to partners deciding to answer them, but - in a broader sense - also to Bauwerk employees.

Roles and credentials

By providing tools to various user profiles, we have created a network of credentials and content depending on their level. Thanks to this, we can be sure that after logging in, the architects will go to the architects' section and the floor layer will see content adapted to their country and partner level. 

Search engine

The full-text search engine based on Elastic Search allows us to quickly index webpages and display results, distinguishing among the contents the products, downloads materials and individual content pages.

Content Guide


In the CMS we have created a special section presenting in a friendly way the possible ways of configuring selected content elements. Thanks to this, editors can efficiently review the module configuration options available and copy it directly to the created webpage.


Project scope

  • functionalities prototypes
  • frontend CSS/JS
  • RWD
  • integration with external services
  • conducting CMS training
  • Neos CMS implementation, including the development of additional modules