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An innovative approach to conducting digital transformation by developing an advanced internet platform enabling efficient business management by roofers in Poland.

Project context

Dakea is the brand of the leader on the European market, Altaterra, which produces and sells high-quality roof windows and related products.

It creates products for professionals - roofers and Dakea distributors. The need to develop a platform that would achieve the main goal: improving the roofers' business was directed to them.Tworzy produkty z myślą o profesjonalistach - dekarzach i dystrybutorach Dakea. I to właśnie dla nich powstała potrzeba opracowania platformy, która realizowałaby główny cel: usprawnienie prowadzenia biznesu przez dekarzy.


Together with a dedicated team on the side of the Dakea brand, we were tasked with carrying out the process of designing, implementing and operating the platform that will change the way digital media is used by the roofing industry. We have provided strategic, analytical and technological facilities in this project - we've built the new Dakea BOSS.app platform together with mobile applications and we implement development and constant technological and substantive support.

One of the challenges turned out to be the development of data flow, including offers between two main groups of system users: roofers and distributors. Another was the separation of the functional range between the desktop and mobile platforms, resulting from the specificity of use scenarios of individual functional elements of the platform.


We have developed data flow patterns between user roles and based on this we have developed clickable system mockups that enabled the implementation of 4 main functionalities:

- quotes calculator,
- electronic product catalog,
- website builder for roofer,
- Partner Program.


The joint work of two interdisciplinary teams on the Altaterra and 180heartbeats side brought measurable results. We have created a website and mobile applications for Apple and Android devices that give the opportunity to use the following modules with the division into desktop and mobile platforms. 


Modules and functionalities

Roofers registration on the Dakea BOSS.app platform

The main system modules are available after registering and logging in to the Dakea BOSS.app platform.


The registration process has been designed to minimize the involvement of roofers to enter data, which is why a mechanism for downloading company data from the Central Statistical Office has been implemented after entering the NIP number.

Quote calculator

It is a module supporting the roofing company management process in the scope of preparing offers for investors. The extended form enables:

- entering investor data and place of investment,
- choosing products from the Dakea catalog,
- adding own roofer products needed to complete the offer,
- sending an offer to a distributor in order to obtain a discount from catalog prices,
- adding the margin (percentage or amount),
- supplementing the list of costs for individual roofing works and their estimated duration,
- determination of the investment difficulty level, which translates into a percentage increase in the quote amount,
- entering a message to the client that will be included in the quote,
- summary of the offer and determination of the VAT rate for the entire quote.
After completing the quote, it is possible to generate an offer as a PDF file.

Electronic product catalog

The price list of Dakea products is available to the full extent when creating quote calculations. You can search for products by name or catalog number. The catalog price as well as technical parameters are displayed.

Website builder for a roofer

Thanks to this module, a roofer can create a personalized website in a few minutes, which can be his business card for investors. The functional scope of this module allows:

- determining the website address in the dakeabossapp.pl domain,
- adding contact details,
- uploading a business photo, which will be the main photo of the website,
- adding website addresses in social media,
- providing website name and company description,
- entering the company description,
- describing the scope of roofing services,
- adding a list of phrases related to the roofing services provided by the company, so as to highlight the services in which the company specializes
- providing a list of projects / investments that have already been implemented and attaching a description and photos to them.


The information prepared in this way can be published in two different graphic templates.

Partnership Program

The module is a response to the need to create a loyalty program enabling registration of Dakea products by roofers and distributors, and then exchange of points under the Dakea Partnership Program for award.


The whole process takes place online using dedicated subpages, and it takes 3 steps:

- registration of the code from the Dakea window is possible both from a browser on a computer and from a mobile application available in the AppStore and Android Market,
- the number of points in the program, as well as the status of their awarding is available on the account in the Dakea BOSS.app system,
- collection of the prizes is possible in a dedicated store on the website, where the means of payment are “Daks”, points obtained in the Dakea Partnership Program.

Partnership Program - award shop

An important element of the Dakea Partnership Program is the award store. A roofer can:

- go through the current catalog,
- place an order,
- receive confirmation.
The shop operator can process orders and verify the availability of products and data of entities placing orders.

Dakea BOSS.app A mobile application for roofers

As part of the Dakea BOSS.app platform, we have developed a mobile application project in which the main functionalities of the platform will be available in an intuitive way:

- window registration,
- adding implementation to publication on the website,
- creating quick quotes,
- access to the quote calculator.

Dakea BOSS.app Mobile application: WINDOW REGISTRATION

The scanner module, in which the product registration procedure is available, is a key element of the Dakea Partnership Program.


By implementing an advanced optical character recognition mechanism, it is possible to scan window labels and other Dakea products, recognize their type and assign the appropriate number of points in the Program account.


It is also possible to scan the QR code of the window to identify it. Online verification of the serial number with a central product database allows you to automate this process.

Mobile application: PROJECTS

As part of the project module, a mechanism has been developed for entering data on investments carried out by a roofer, so that they can be used on the website created by the roofer as part of the website builder module, available in the web version of the Dakea BOSS.app platform.

Dakea BOSS.app Mobile application: QUICK QUOTE

The need for a roofer to quickly use the product catalog available at any time on the construction site or on his way to the customer was the starting point for developing a quick quote module. In a few steps, a roofer can:

- check prices of selected products and their main features as dimensions and catalog number,
- add a discount,
- fill in the VAT rate,
- prepare a note,
- generate a PDF and then share it in any way on your smartphone.

Mobile application: QUOTE CALCULATOR

Access to previously prepared calculations at any time is a priority that guided the work on quote calculator module available in both desktop and RWD versions from a mobile application.


Project scope

  • ●    functionalities prototypes
    ●    fontend CSS / JS
    ●    RWD
    ●    Neos CMS implementation, including the development of additional modules
    ●    integration with external services, including the CSO information system
  • ●    preparation of online available StyleGuidea CSS/JS
    ●    issuing API for SalesForce systems
    ●    conducting CMS training
    ●    design and development of a mobile application for the iOS and Android platforms in a hybrid solution (React Native) 
    ●    implementation of a data exchange system and validation of serial numbers with Altaterra internal systems for the needs of the Partnership Program