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Project context

Geberit, a company originating from Switzerland is the European leader in the sanitary industry. Thanks to high quality, aesthetic design and focus on innovation, the brand's products can be seen in countless toilets, also in Poland.


By introducing a new series of Geberit ONE products to markets in Austria, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, the brand wanted to bring them closer to its partner networks, also rewarding them for their cooperation so far. The way to do it was a competition platform, bringing together games whose game play thematically refers to new products. Our task was to prepare and integrate prototypes of three games and a quiz, as well as an application constituting such a platform.  


In cooperation with Jung von Matt/Limmat, we have prepared a web application based on the Angular framework, which uses motion sensors in mobile devices in its games. Thanks to the prepared database structure, we can easily control the progress of the campaign not only in every market, but also in each of seven language versions - determining the exact time frame of the availability of subsequent rounds or isolating the results.


Half a month before the end of the campaign, we registered over 9,000 forms from 5,000 unique users from Austria, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. Each of the five rounds recorded between 9,000 and 13,000 game sessions.


Modules and functionalities



The first of the campaign rounds was a traditional quiz in which users checked their knowledge about the Geberit brand. Both questions and answers were served by our backend. The quiz also returned at a later stage of the campaign, this time offering players a new set of questions.

Toilet installation game


Another game involved the installation of a virtual toilet, emphasizing the simplicity of the process of the new Geberit ONE series. By moving the phone, users move the allen key on the screen, and when they come across one of the eight screws, they tighten it by turning the phone in the same way they would tighten the physical screws.

Wash-basins balance game


In the next stage of competition, users easily mounted virtual wash-basins - only by gripping them with two fingers they could be leveled and then moved to the waiting handles. However, the process did not end at the moment - to prolong the game, we threw cups on the wash-basins, forcing users to balance their phone so that none of them fell. As in the previous game, we based the balance function on the readings provided by the phone's gyroscope.

Tetris shower game


The last round took users to the shower enclosure, where they faced the traditional Tetris game to get to know the new shower partition walls. The falling blocks not only arranged on each other, but also combined into one complete pane of glass.


Project scope

  • preparation of three game prototypes and their integration
  • preparing a web application constituting a competition platform
  • frontend CSS/JS
  • backend development