Obszar roboczy 3 kopia 7Obszar roboczy 3 kopia 7

Gosia, Lena i Kuba are merely 15 years old, and already successfully realize their passions and look to the future with hope. They were born in 2004, when Poland joined the European Union and have become the faces of the 15th anniversary campaign in the European Union, because the best is yet to come. The aim of the #merely15years anniversary campaign, initiated by the Polish Business Council, is to promote reliable and objective knowledge about the benefits of membership in the Union.


We have achieved much in the European Union over 15 years. We have become partners in Europe. We use the open market, we move freely through Europe, and over 180 thousand pupils and students took advantage of the opportunity to study at the best European universities. Together with other countries, we have built a huge European capital and important interpersonal relations. We used a great opportunity, and the best is yet to come and this is the message of the campaign.


Gosia from Sosnowiec, Lena from Ochaby and Kuba from Mielec are only 15 years old. Same as Poland in the EU. They do not know the world without the European Union. They were born in it and in this reality in which they plan their future. Their passions can be fulfilled thanks to objects that were created with EU support; The Practical Training Center in Mielec, where future programmers learn, the stud in Ochaby or the Sosnowiec resort Wake Zone Stawiki are unique objects that can be used by all residents of these towns.