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Campaign created as a part of Ben & Jerry's social mission in cooperation with Love Does not Exclude and Equality Parade. Together with F25 Production House, we hijacked the prom night to organize the Equality Prom Dance that was danced by the future high school graduates from 1SLO Bednarska in Warsaw in a gesture of solidarity with LGBT+ peers.


Prom night is an important day in life of every young person, being some kind of an entry into adulthood. Polonez dance is an integral part of it, but like a lot of traditional dances it is danced in mixed-sex couples, mainly as a result of culture standards dictated by heteronormative society. Unluckily it often excludes homosexual people to dance with their chosen partner and puts them in an uncomfortable position or even pushes them to resign from a party. This is in contrast to hetero couples, who can come to a prom with whoever they want to. 

Situation of young LGBT+ people is worse because of the fact that the school is actually the place where they’re being a victim of violence most often. Violence next to loneliness and lack of acceptation are the most common reasons of depression and suicidal thoughts within young LGBT+ people. In this context the fact that 76% of students in Poland became aware of violence directed to their LGBT+ friends is a positive signal.



Equality Prom Dance danced in the same-sex couples of Bednarska high school seniors is a manifesto, supporting LGBT+ community that usually is excluded from this event or forced to dance in mixed-sex couples. Not only in case of prom nights, but also other important events. We wanted to march together into the better future, better for Poland and all of us, where we could share tolerance, share love and be sensitive towards each other. Because everyone has the right to love whoever they want.  

The Equality Prom dance was documented in a film directed by Michał Marczak. The film presents preparations for the prom, Polonez dance and the after party. 

Also we organised official press premiere to provoke the discussion about LGBT+ teens' problems. It went viral in a blink of an eye and became the most broadcasted case of youngsters' support for their LGBT+ peers in Poland so far.