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Project context

Migros is the largest chain among Swiss supermarkets, but also a powerful network of service providers covering such market segments as: trade, education, tourism, gastronomy and finance. Currently, the company associates almost 2 million people, which is over a quarter of the Swiss population.


The overall goal of the annual campaign, addressed to Swiss mobile users, was to create a web application giving access to many useful information and tools that significantly facilitated the grilling process. Weekly changes of available content have become a characteristic point of the campaign. 


Together with our partners from JvM/Limmat we have prepared a website available for mobile devices as well as classic computers. An innovative technological approach means primarily the use of the Angular framework to create a fully responsive PWA application. Content in the application is managed by the Neos-CMS system. It allows you to easily and quickly make the necessary changes for the three available language versions of each campaign week. The CMS releases configuration files that the application then uses, rendering the content of the pages. From a practical point of view, the campaign is a technological improvement that streamlines the entire administrative work process.


During the campaign, the new website has completed over a million sessions - 81% more than last year. Of the 550,000 unique users, 186,000 took part in weekly quizzes, and the limit of 100,000 was also exceeded by the number of started Grill Timers, proving the popularity of the prepared tools.  


Modules and functionalities

Content changes


For 16 weeks of the campaign, each Sunday brings with it a change in the content presented in the application. In accordance with the theme of the week, we promote other recipes, other articles, other products and we check users in the new quiz round. The videos on the home page are also changing.

Recipes and inspirations


Recipes in the application were selected keeping in mind various food preferences of users - including not only people eating meat. Nearly 80 recipes were imported (divided into 4 categories) including preparation instructions as well as calculations of the amount of ingredients depending on the portion size. the Inspirator has become the answer for those seeking culinary inspiration - selecting random recipe from the base.

Party Planner

Party planner is a module that displays recommended products and suggested quantities based on the expected number of guests and their food preferences.

Grill Timer

The extensive Grill Timer module guided the user through the entire grilling process, sharing tips, suggesting the optimal temperature and measuring the toasting time of products on each side. All messages were designed individually for each product, and in special cases meat thickness and preferred levels of roasting were also taken into account.



A real repository of knowledge about the secrets of grilling available with a few clicks. Among the articles, the user had access to topics such as: choosing the right grill model, recommended gadgets, or how to prepare the dishes. 


Users could save the most interesting recipes and articles in the favorites tab. The information is stored in the cloud, so all you had to do was to log in to access your list, regardless of the device you are currently using.


Each week, a new round of quiz was waiting for users. The maximum number of correct answers allowed them to get a badge and a chance to participate in the weekly lottery. Each subsequent good answer increased the chances of to win the main award in the lottery - 80 such products were allocated for the campaign period. 

Integration of external modules


The application has been linked to 
microsystem of Migros websites and used the same tools. Users logging in to the application through their accounts on migros.ch had access to the shopping lists stored there - with the option of expanding them with products and components listed in the application. In addition, they could easily search for the nearest Migros chain stores and view currently promoted products. 



All recipes and articles available in the application also had their AMP version - more convenient for mobile users. Thanks to this application, pages load the content much faster and have a positive impact on website positioning.


Project scope

  • Fontend CSS/JS
  • RWD
  • Implementation of Neos CMS
  • AMP
  • Integration with external services
  • Administration of content offered by the application