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In Warsaw, one of the most polluted European capitals, a unique place of the future - the Zero Emission Store - has been created as a result of cooperation between innogy brand and an artist - Sławomir Brzoska. The futuristic 400 square meters lighting installation showed the inhabitants the level of smog. The bigger the smog, the greater the discount at innogy Green Energy Store.




ZES Installation that was set up in Warsaw was a part of communication promoting Zero Emission Future. The brand aims at realizing this vision, making the city of Warsaw free from pollution in the future. ZES also offered support for renewable energy producers. We showed them that innogy wants to popularize solutions that do not generate any pollution during their entire life cycle or generate less pollution.


The main goal was to draw attention to an important issue that the citizens of the Polish capital have to deal with. Warsaw residents have been breathing very polluted air for years. The capital of Poland is regularly scoring high in the rankings of the most polluted cities in the world - some days the numbers are even comparable to those of the  most polluted city in the world - New Delhi. Our solution to the problem was Zero Emission Store. Colour of the installation depended on the level of smog pollution in the capital city (green - low, blue - medium, red -high). The 400 square meter zero-emission installation was powered by photovoltaic energy and didn’t emit pollution. Once the exposition was dismounted, the yarn of which it was made, in total over 45k square feet, was sent to a shelter for homeless animals. It was then used as a filling of warm beds.