Obszar roboczy 3 kopia 7 Obszar roboczy 3 kopia 7

Chicken Fries - fries made from chicken - have conquered other markets also because of the package design. We too designed special boxes for our market and introduced them at Burger King restaurants. Additionally, as part of the product promotion, we made a limited version of the boxes, encrusted with Swarovski crystals. 


Responding to Instagram vanity and desire to collect such types of objects, we created a limited package in which you wouldn't want to put your chicken fries, but rather put it on a shelf in the company of other high-valued objects. A box encrusted with Swarovski crystals perfectly fits into your wardrobe, between another pair of limited sneakers or other expensive stuff. Obviously the boxes didn’t contain Chicken Fries, they were designed to simply look beautiful. 



For the promotion of the most hyped package for takeaway we used photos created as part of the cooperation between Burger King and CL20 - the most hyped streetwear shop in Warsaw. In addition CL20 also created a special storefront, in which the exclusive Chicken Fries box was surrounded by equally desired objects from world of fashion. On brand’s social media channels we run a contest, in which users had opportunity to win one of 10 limited boxes. Chicken Fries promotion included also an activation in social media - Instagram users could  take a selfie using special AR masks and win coupons for Chicken Fries.