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Mobile Air Check - the most accurate, real-time updated mobile smog map in the world


We have equipped emission-free electric cars innogyGo! with air sensors and created the most accurate, updated in real-time, mobile smog map in the world.


In Warsaw there were only five official points measuring the level of smog. Residents of many districts and streets had to rely on readings that often came from meters placed many kilometers away from their place of residence. The Praga-Północ district had no air quality measurement. Therefore, we equipped the fleet of emission-free electric cars with sensors measuring air quality.


We have created the most accurate and updated Mobile Air Check in the world, operating in real-time. Now, measurements taken from air sensors in innogyGo! cars  enable data collection even from districts where there were no stationary sensors before. 25 cars equipped with sensors deliver up to 108 thousand readings per day. 

The information provided by the Mobile Air Check helps Varsovians make daily decisions: whether and where to go for a walk, or whether they should go to work by bike.

It has been confirmed that smog can be conducive to viruses or bacteria attacking our respiratory systems. In the context of the current world pandemic, we need healthy lungs and clean air more than ever before.  Hence the information provided by the Mobile Air Check is of great importance for all of us.