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"Space Jam" celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016. On this occasion, Nike restored the legendary edition of Air Jordan XI shoes, in which Michael Jordan appeared in the film, and we organized their premiere.


Nike has revived the limited series of the iconic shoes - Air Jordan XI, in which Michael Jordan appeared in the film Space Jam. We knew that the demand for them would be huge. The task was to prepare an engaging premiere, which will not be limited to standing in line.


We have made waiting for the premiere of the legendary Nike shoes an exciting experience with technology and sport in the background. To achieve that, at the Kicks Store in Warsaw, we created an interactive basketball court that turned the queue for shoes into a free-throw contest. He provided the participants with the chance to win an inaccessible (actually at the time of launch) model of shoes.


The court was built from LED screens, on which the space animation was displayed. When the player stood on the free-throw line, the pitch activated the 24s counter. The players, who scored the greatest number of personal throws, took the premiere shoes. All the other pairs were sold out.