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March 2017, Nike celebrated the 30th anniversary of the iconic Air Max. On this round anniversary, a new model joined the Air Max family - Nike Air VaporMax. A shoe that combines running culture and fashion. For this occasion we've created a common ground for athletes and fashion fans, thanks to which both groups could notice the common denominator - the Air Max family. Premiere of Patta Running Culture video took place in Warsaw in 2017, on 26th March - Air Max Day celebrated under the slogan "Kiss My Airs”.



Since the publication of the first photos of the new shoe model, despite their specific purpose - ensuring maximum comfort during the run, VaporMax, due to their futuristic appearance (no soles), were perceived as 'fashion' shoes. We decided to change this image together with the person who changed the Dutch running culture. Icon among sneakerheads - Edson Sabajo is the founder of the Dutch streetwear shop Patta. Not only did he introduce the most limited Nike models to his shop, but also he set up Patta Running Team.



"Running Culture" is a short documentary about a new perspective onrunning, which is told by Edson Sabajo - founder of the legendary Patta store and BTG (Bridge The Gap) - a global initiative connecting teams of runners from around the world. He showed how the border between sport and fashion is blurring. By creating a film in cooperation with Patta, our message became credible not only in a group not related to sport (because Patta has one of the most recognizable shoe models created together with Nike), but also in a group of athletes - who associate Patta through their running team - Patta Running Team. Patta Running Culture shows that running brings people together on many different levels. They are connected by the sporting activity itself, but also by the lifestyle, music, art, events associated with it - graffiti designers, lawyers, DJs and doctors share the joy of running.