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Share brotherhood power - #Weareallbros Nike 5K run with Antetokounmpo brothers

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‘We are all bros’ was a celebration of solidarity, the power of togetherness, diversity and humanity. According to this values Nike organized the activation, where Antetokunbros along with other 3,5K Greek runners ran from their childhood neighbourhood basketball court of Sepolia towards Kallimarmaro stadium, where the 1st Olympic Games took place. Agency task was to prepare visual for event.



Antetokounbros are Athens heroes and sport icons, recognized worldwide. We wanted to highlight their roots - embrace the city of Athens, street culture, and local greek spirit. Because the main hero of the action were brotherswe decided to come out with an appeal to the youth about the power of brotherhood, inspiring them to join #Weareallbros initiative and run the 5k run with Giannis & Thanasis Antetokounmpo.




We are responsible for the whole visual identity of the event. From OOH across the city - posters, buses covers, and ambient media, through run setting, like starting line, banners and bus stops along the route, and stickers on the ground, to digital website layout and social media formats. We also designed badges, T-shirts and even special pair of Nike shoes for Giannis. In key visual we used works from local artist Same84 who’s painted the comic portrait of the bros.