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The agency's task was to launch a new tv brand - player+. This is the first such offer on the market, combining VOD and live channels without signing a long-term contract. player+ is easily and quickly available to users via web browsers and dedicated mobile applications.


The innovative formula of player+ offers a full freedom of choice - you can choose a different channel package each month or opt out of the service altogether. This is in a clear contrast to cable networks or digital operators, where the availability of content is the same, but the contract is usually concluded for at least a year. Therefore, we recommend a clear cut off from the entire category of TV and film content providers and show that player+ is something completely new, it offers more than other players. Emphasizing the separation from the services available on the market perfectly fitted to what the group of service recipients sought.


The player+ offers full freedom in enjoying entertainment without a "muzzle" of a long-term contract. That's why we decided to put together outdated truths about television (a contract for two years, a bundle of channels that nobody watches, etc.) with a modern lifestyle, thus showing how the television finally got an update in the 21st century. The composition of the spot combines the social changes taking place in modern society with the unique features of player+, thus showing how much traditional television does not follow the changes currently taking place.The spot was shot entirely in Poland and the Australian star Flume is responsible for the music. The construction of the ad also allows the usage of the necessary content from suppliers, without destroying the design of the advertisement. This allows to juggle with content in the future releases.