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During the 2018 European Athletics Championships in Berlin, Nike was the official sponsor of the event, we conducted a digital outdoor real-time campaign. All in real time to deliver accurate communication for each day of the tournament, so that people watching the games could see the DOOHs around the city with the winners of the tournament they just saw spread around the city of Berlin.


Place? Berlin.
Our goal? Deliver to fans content from championships and put it in the urban space as soon as possible. 
In order to support Nike’s athletes during the EC18 we created and run a process which enabled us to show reactive videos on DOOHs across Berlin to all the Berliners and fans returning from the stadium right after the starts of a given day.. Throughout the week of the championship we chased 43 athletes who in total won 30 medals (including 14 gold).


For short montages displayed on digital media in the center of Berlin we used photos and film shots of athletes who just won the title. We were responsible for the design and animation of these montages. In addition, each evening we prepared a summary of the gold medals won by players from Germany in the form of a special golden animation. 
As part of the campaign were created: 116 posts, 18 insta stories, 81 digital OOH's and a huge electronic poster, whose content delivery speed was so fast that it ensured transport of content in less than an hour from the final.