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Samo Centrum Wszechświata (The Very Centre of the Universe) is the first venue in Warsaw housing SPA, sport and lifestyle activities under one roof. In cooperation with photographer Jacek Kołodziejski, artist Emma Dajska and certified Nike coaches, we created an animated photo session to promote a newly opened place, based directly on its name.


Starting with the name of the venue,we created a simple visual language inspired by space. The photo session was prepared so that it could function both in the SCW itself (as posters), and in the digital world, where the photos were animated.


In cooperation with Jacek Kołodziejski, we shoot a photo session, that was later animated. Collaborating with illustrator Emma Dajska, we also created animated collages based on session elements, thus creating a simple, repeatable visual language, which until today is used to promote SCW and ongoing trainings.