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"Exploring Swiss brands" familiarizes customers with the offer of the bank's partner brands.

Project context

Implementation for Raiffeisen is the result of cooperation with the Swiss branch of our partner network - JvM / Limmat. They created the creative concept of the game that we have produced and implemented. 


The aim of the project was to activate Raiffeisen customers using the consumer portal https://memberplus.raiffeisen.ch and to provide them with information about promotions and discounts that await them thanks to the bank's partner program. Due to Switzerland's multiculturalism, the project was implemented in three language versions: Italian, German and French.


The Raiffeisen game is called "Entdeckungsreise schweizer Marken", meaning "Exploring Swiss brands". The player's task is to mark the location of the headquarters of famous companies or brands on the map of Switzerland as accurately as possible, e.g. Lindt & Sprüngli or FC Zurich. The number of points scored depends on the accuracy of the indication and the speed. In addition, the user can find out curiosities about the indicated places. The whole game is played on a colorful model of Switzerland, which presents many geographical and natural elements, such as mountains, lakes, trails and monuments.


The results after the end of the 3-month competition exceeded the expectations estimated at the beginning of the project. Over 6,000 completed forms translated into about 2,000 leads acquisitions.


Modules and functionalities


Intuitive tutorial to familiarize users with the game mechanics.

Puzzles pool

During each game, the system draws 10 out of a pool of 56 brands that the participant must locate.


After displaying the brand name, the participant has 15 seconds to mark its headquarters on the illustrated map of Switzerland. Then the system reveals its actual location and gives the distance between the actual location of the headquarters and the player's indication.

Scoring system

We have created an algorithm that calculates the sum of points - it takes into account the time to answer and the difference in kilometers between the indication and the destination.


After the end of the game, the participant can save their score in the ranking to take part in the draw of attractive awards


Project scope

  • Implementation of UX mockups and design
  • Frontend / backend programming
  • Development and integration with API
  • Administrative support during the competition