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In cooperation with JvM/Limmat in Zurich, we have prepared a new platform for communication with consumers for the Swiss brand Bündnerfleisch. We have developed a prototype of a responsive application for mobile users using the functionality of smartphones so that they can order products in the Bündnerfleisch sampling action in a non-standard way.

Project context

Bündnerfleisch are high-protein dried beef snacks. The manufacturer, the Verband Bündner Fleischfabrikanten VBF company, address them to active men and women aged 25-45, who care about choosing snacks with high protein and low fat.

The advantages of snacks are highlighted on the products packaging that show people practicing running, yoga and strength training. 


Together with our partner Jung von Matt / Limmat, we were tasked with choosing and adapting advanced technological solutions to be implemented within web browsers to support native phone functionalities. Preparation of native mobile applications for particular iOS, Android or other platforms was out of the question due to time and budget constraints, avoiding the barrier to participate in the action, which would require downloading and installing the application. Application development for each of the mobile platforms was also rejected due to the nature of the marketing campaign .

Ultimately, the TECH&LAB team's task was to develop a prototype and implement a working mobile application using an accelerometer, gyroscope and microphone for the duration of the marketing campaign..


By launching the communication "Energy from the best", the company wanted to expand its target group and greater involvement of existing consumers. For this purpose, a sampling action was invented, which was communicated through a specially dedicated website. It features three humorous videos that encouraged consumers to take up the sports challenge: strength, breathing and running exercises. Everything made in contemporary desingand with a pinch of salt - that is, without parting with the smartphone, which, for example, in one of the exercises serves as a weight.

In order to verify the performance of the exercise, we have prepared a website for which we have developed prototypes using the functionality of smartphones based on sensors and mechanisms such as gyroscope, accelerometer and sound measurement. Thanks to this, consumers wanting to take part in the challenge did not have to download a dedicated application or inform about the exercise done (e.g. send photos or video). It is enough that they had a phone with them, and the technology used recorded their movements and sound. They only filled out a simple address form and then received a package of Bündnerfleisch snacks to try out.


The application attracted a lot of interest, and the sampling action lasted shorter than assumed in the campaign.

12 300 people took part in the action via the web application. The participants raised their smartphone 93,000 times as part of the exercise. The participants hummed for a total of 13 hours into the microphone. As part of the campaign, 47 km were run, and three films promoting the campaign reached over 100,000 people on Facebook.

During the first three days of the campaign, there were on average 100 times more visitors per day on the buendnerfleisch.swiss website than before the campaign (source: buendnerfleisch.swiss, operator: Süsskind SGD)W).


Modules and functionalities

Work your hand muscles and get Bündnerfleisch products.

Just lift up the phone 20 times with the application running to complete the task and go to the form where you can enter your data and receive the package with a snack Bündnerfleisch.


Developing this task for the participants of the action required our developers to connect to the gyroscope module on the smartphone and track the location of the device during the task. 

Practice yoga and breathing with Bündnerfleisch.

Another task of the challenges straight from Grisons Mountains was the breathing exercise, which refers to yoga exercises. It was enough to emit a uniform sound for 12 seconds similar to "ommmmmmmm" to unlock the order form for the original Bündnerfleisch product.


The native functionality of the microphone was used in this case in an unconventional way. The configuration of libraries by developers to verify the volume of the sound was a challenge in the prototype development phase and caused a lot of jokes in the entire team working on the project.

Run and get a snack from Bündnerfleisch.

The third challenge of the "Energy at Its Finest" action - energy at its best was the opportunity to demonstrate a passion for running. After launching the application and selecting the task, it was necessary to run a short distance and, what is important, exceed a speed of 15 km/h to unlock access to the order form for beef snacks from the Swiss region of Grisons.


The software of this part of the application focused on the use of the accelerator module built into the smartphone and the development of scripts to monitor its parameters and exceeding the set indicators. The prototype development phase required frequent runs in the corridors and around the office of people testing such non-standard application functionality. They were often awarded with applause of surprised bystanders.


Project scope

  • application prototype with individual functionalities
  • fontend CSS/JS
  • RWD
  • preparation of online available StyleGuidea CSS/JS
  • backend development.