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A symbol of LGBT+ rights at the center of the country where Marriage Equality doesn’t exist


We organized an unprecedented ambient event for Ben & Jerry's (Unilever). Together with the Love Does Not Exclude Association and Wolontariat Równości Foundation, we recreated the rainbow at the Zbawiciela Square in Warsaw.

In the new version, just a few hours before the Equality Parade, the rainbow again became a universal symbol of Warsaw - beautiful, diverse, full of indestructible love, peace, tolerance and rights of LGBT community. And as the real one it was also phenomenal - in the form of a water-light hologram, the same size as the old floral installation.

The first rainbow installation created by ​​Julita Wójcik appeared in the center of the capital in 2012 in joyful circumstances - the Polish presidency in the EU, the opening of Euro 2012, the Equality Parade. Although it was later set on fire seven times by nationalists and opponents of the rights of LGBT community, and consequently removed in 2015, we wanted to remind Varsovians of the wonderful moments and values ​​that it symbolized.

The event with a holographic, fireproof rainbow was reported by Polish and world media - including TVN24, Newsweek Polska, The Washington Post, Independent, China Post, The Telegraph, Attitude, Al Jazeera, Fox News, ABC, MC NBC, Campaign and Trend Hunter.

Ben & Jerry's initiative is the result of a strongly developed social mission. Although the brand has only been present in Poland since 2017, it was founded 40 years ago and has been using the rainbow symbol in its communication since the very beginning. It also strongly believes in the importance of an inclusive society with equal rights, in which every loving couple, regardless of gender, should be able to marry. In 1989 in Vermont, where the company came from, Ben & Jerry's covered health insurance for employees' partners, including those of the same sex, before marriage equality was introduced in the United States. And to celebrate the introduction of marriage equality in the US, they changed the name of her flagship taste of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough to "I Dough, I Dough."

Ben & Jerry's officially supported the Equality Parade in Warsaw as well. On their booth in the Equality Town, its representatives talked about the issue of marital equality with the inhabitants of Warsaw. There were also non-branded ice cream samples given out. At the same time, a campaign on social media was conducted. With the Unbreakable Rainbow event and Equality Parade, the brand has launched a long-term campaign for the rights of LGBT people in Poland.