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Project context

Our partner agency Jung von Matt / Limmat, as part of implementing its strategy of digitization and building a friendly place for employees, proposed us a cooperation in the construction of an intranet platform for Q employees optimized for mobile devices.


JvM Limmat, after internal workshops and brainstorms with employee participation, developed the concept of an in-house platform as the agency's response to the need for digital transformation and improvement of internal processes. The goals of the Zurich agency were:
(1) Developing a common understanding of cooperation.
(2) Sharing knowledge in all fields of expertise.
(3) Promoting an active feedback culture.
(4) creating opportunities for personal development.
(5) Realization of JvM identity (visions, principles and changes).

In a short time, because within 10 weeks, with the full commitment of our Technology team, we had to build a functioning platform based on many different external tools. It was a highly complicated project and required a lot of organizational effort so that it could be done within the prescribed time.


The platform combines everyday work tools, such as:
- Microsoft Active Directory used for authorization and management of employee access,
- CRM - Vertec,
- work planning tool - Forecast,
- work time tracking tool - Harvest,
- data visualization - Tableau.


Q currently supports 123 employees and JvM associates. It facilitates daily work by centralizing many processes. An employee can conveniently report absence from work on their phone, learn about upcoming projects, learn more about clients, or get to know better a selected colleague. In addition, everyone can share an interesting or inspiring information / link with others in the blog and social part and take part in anonymous surveys of job satisfaction.

Every day 98% of employees use Q, then there are on average of 200 interactions and 3 new posts appear. The application has improved the quality of information flow and onboarding processes.


Modules and functionalities

Mein Tag (My Day)

The Mein Tag module acts as a dashboard. Here is primarily a summary of the current working day: information on absences and birthdays of other employees and scheduled events (Weekly MoRu). The dashboard also shows information about scheduled working hours, detailing specific projects and % load for the current week. In addition, the employee can also see current information and entries of other employees, or add their own.

Blog and social modules: "Weiterbildung", "Check-Up Tag", "Mach mit"

Blog modules allow internal communication on topics important to agencies and employees. Employees have the option of adding their own content, sharing knowledge and thoughts, commenting on other posts and adding likes. Posts are divided into categories and can be added both from the application level and from the CMS level by administrators. Posts are similar in nature to Facebook entries in both appearance and functionality: they can be both video reports and surveys, simple posts as well as galleries and links to external resources.

Blog and knowledge modules: "Wissen", "Inspiration", "Agency news"

This part of the modules gathers the agency's knowledge of trends, tools and inspiration, this allows information to flow between employees and to share and discuss them. Thanks to a system of tags, subcategories and filters, posts are categorized and form the structure of an internal agency compendium.

Mitarbeiter module (Collaborators)

This module allows you to search and view information about specific colleagues. Employees can quickly contact selected colleagues or learn more about projects in which they participate. In addition, the module allows you to better know a person, their interests, or prepare for the upcoming birthday or anniversary of work in the company.

Kunden und Projekte module (clients and projects)

It is a module containing information about current and archived clients and projects. Employees can search and view information containing project documentation, valuable advice, experience from completed projects. In addition, the module allows you to filter projects based on, among others budgets and KPIs achieved.

Search engine module

Employees can reach interesting content both by means of filters and categories, as well as by using a search engine that works in an intelligent way using fuzzy queries, keyword analysis tools and dynamic search results rankings that can be personalized as a result of tracking the user's search history. This is possible thanks to the ElasticSearch engine implemented in the design, which also offers the highest search speed regardless of the amount of indexed content.

360o JvM module (About Jung von Matt)

The About module consists of a number of sub-modules containing various information about the company:

news posts,
description of the company's strategy and values,
description and further information about Superteams and Departments
current information on the awards and distinctions received.


Project scope

Creation of a platform based on the existing JvM/Limmat architecture: integration of many services and platforms in order to build a Q employee (or Mitarbeiter, Germanfor Employee) platform over them for JvM employees in Zurich.

Preparation of middleware that integrates and transfers data via API to the internal platform we created. Q is managed by Neos CMS implemented and modified by us with a MySQL database and a noSQL Elastic Search database used for operating, indexing and searching resources.