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The Lockdown - Theatre 21 against social exclusion people with disabilities.


In a touching campaign, Down syndrome actors from The Theatre 21 read real comments written by people online during the lockdown. The aim of the campaign was to raise money for the Centre of Inclusive Art in Warsaw.


Centre of Inclusive Art is the first in Poland initiative for people with disability to hangout with able-bodied people on an art scene, with equal rights. Additionally, it’s going to be the first real home for Theatre 21, a movement that not only helps all disabled actors to develop their passion, but also to teach others the principles of true diversity and inclusiveness.



In a short, touching video we used authentic quotes found online, which highlighted a gulf between availabilities for able-bodied people and those with disabilities. Actors from Theatre 21 played grumpy internet users:  Grzegorz Brandt, Piotr Swend, Aleksandra Skotarek and Maja Kowalczyk. The shoot took place in their houses - a place where they feel safe and comfortable. We hope that in Autumn 2020 they would start calling the Centre of Inclusive Art their safe space too.