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The end of a relationship isn't easy. It's hard to forget about a breakup when you have a closet full of your ex's clothes that evoke not only good but also bad memories. We wanted to show how to get rid of them in a reasonable and environment-friendly way. 
We created a campaign about three former couples and their struggles with their exes' belongings. Our heroes acted unwisely because of their hard emotions - we showed how to behave more responsibly, keeping in mind the sake of the planet.


The current fast fashion trend makes people buy compulsively clothes every year, instead of buying more expensive clothes that can be reused from season to season. This implies that millions of tonnes of clothes are trashed every given year to make space for new ones. With their Zalando Pre-owned platform, the brand wants to reduce the amount of clothes that are produced in the world.


Breakups can be tough. It’s often easier to say goodbye to a loved one than to their belongings that stay in the closet after the breakup. We showed that Valentine's Day is a good opportunity to put things in order and give them a second life. We prepared a dedicated campaign for Zalando, showing three love stories and what, under the influence of emotions, the heroes do with the clothes of their former partners. Getting reasonably rid of them proves to be as difficult as the break-up itself. We showed that there is a better way than throwing clothes away. Zalando Pre-Owned offers the possibility of extending their life for the sake of the planet, guided by the principles of circularity. In this symbolic way, we tried to educate consumers about the effects of getting rid of clothes without keeping to the rules of sustainable fashion.