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Poland is in the 23rd place in the EU in terms of gender equality. 2021 saw a backwards step for women’s rights in Poland, as a near-total ban on abortion caused massive outrage. The demand for restoring women’s rights has not only been limited to reproductive rights, but has become a broader movement challenging the status quo on women’s issues.

In Poland, gender representation in fashion and jewelry advertising is strongly driven by unrealistic stereotypes: women in ads are portrayed as fake and oversexualized, and their role is just being a part of a glamorous atmosphere. 

There has never been any mainstream Polish advertising campaign that showed real Polish women and celebrated their authentic selves and diversity. And society as a whole started to notice this pattern and voice their discontentment. 

YES is an independent Polish jewelry company and brand established by a woman, and which is still family-owned. Its employees are mostly women, from top to bottom, and it has a very strong female representation among designers and product creators. The brand also prides itself in being up to date with both refined contemporary designs and classical ones.


The brief was to break, in a fresh way, into a new mainstream of contemporary women who can reconcile female power and pride with style and looks, and treat jewelry as an embodiment of one’s personal style.

The main objective was to become visible, fresh, contemporary and authentic. For a modest budget.

In our campaign  we portray different women saying “YES” against all the “NOs” they face everyday. We pay tribute to all women: their diversity, courage, independence, strength, emotions, and sensitivity.

The main characters are strong and exceptional women, and the film tells the story of each and every one of them: businesswoman, influencer and mother of three Aleksandra Żebrowska breastfeeding her kid in public; rower and Olympic runner-up Katarzyna Zillmann displaying her love for her girlfriend Julia Walczak; Aleksandra Wiederek-Barańska, who for over five years has been encouraging people to get tested and prevent breast cancer after she survived it; Christina Flagmeier, who became a model at the age of 74 and proves that beauty has no age, and Bogna Golec, a plus-size model who defies societal body expectations.