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On the first Saturday of December, McDonald’s in Poland donates 1 PLN from every pack of fries they sell to the Ronald McDonald Foundation. We believe this is a great cause, that’s why we, along with our client Burger King, decided to support our biggest competitors in selling as many fries as possible. To do so, we created the campaign Helping Whopper Junior.


We encouraged people to buy McDonald’s fries on this special Saturday, and bring them to any Burger King restaurant in Poland. To thank them, we gave them a free Whopper Junior in exchange. We released the campaign on Burger King’s social media channels. It gained a lot of interest, not only among Burger King’s fans: Relax Kebab Radzymin, one of the most popular fast food pages in Poland, also got involved in the action. 

Our campaign became viral and reached 7.5 million people in 14 countries with only 7K dollars spent on media. And most importantly, 4000 Whopper Juniors were given to help. As a result, not only did we manage to generate buzz around this activation, but also the McDonald's Poland fanpage mentioned and thanked Burger King in the closing post of this action.