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Zalando has been supporting diversity and emphasizing the individualism of Poles for years. In addition to celebrating the brand's decade on the Polish market, the "You Decide When Fashion Begins" campaign presents a plurality of approaches to expressing oneself with an outfit.

We hope to encourage Poles to escape the pervasive stereotypes in our country. This is why our campaign emphasize that it is not the occasion that determines what we should wear, but ourselves and our creativity.


The heroes of our campaign, including stars like Danuta Stenka, Agnieszka Grochowska, Lulla, Katarzyna Wolska and Andrzej Chyra, define their approach to fashion in them. Each story has a different genesis and message, yet they are not mutually exclusive, creating a diverse picture of different needs, respect and acceptance. The entire concept is enriched by photo materials presented in digital and outdoor. The brand's round birthday celebration was accompanied by a birthday event.

We created eight 15-second spots and one TV’s 30-second video. 

The carriers of the campaign "You decide where fashion begins", were primarily Zalando's social media channels, television and influencer accounts.