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The first supply of Nike Air Force One hit store shelves in 1982. Designed as basketball shoes, they soon gained recognition in the world of music, dance and among many contemporary creators, reaching cult status. The 40th anniversary of the creation of the Air Force One model was celebrated by Nike under the slogan "Join Forces". As part of the project, materials have been created around the world illustrating the creative power that flows from the mutual inspiration and cooperation of artists, athletes and people practicing other creative disciplines. The leitmotif was dance and the stories of people for whom it is a way of life.


The spots produced as part of the Polish edition of "Join Forces" are the result of cooperation between Warsaw dancers and visual artists. The impulse for their creation was the meeting of a young dancer and dance instructor, Edyta, with her long-term mentor and teacher. Together, they created a modern dance routine, which they performed by joining forces with a team of local dancers. The videos and other materials produced as part of the project perfectly illustrate what was the basis of the success of the Nike AF1 - a combination of creative activities of people from different backgrounds that pushes culture forward.

The campaign produced video spots in 30”, 15”, 10” and 6” formats as well as separate activation videos for fans on TikTok. Additional activities included creating communication in salons and on social media channels of the Sizeer network. Materials created in Poland were also available on Sizeer channels in the Balkan countries.