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YES is an independent jewelry company established by a woman. Its employees are mostly women, from top to bottom. The Polish mid-size brand used to follow the increasingly stereotypical canon of the sector’s idealized perfect style. Until last year. In 2021, YES decided to no longer remain insensitive to real social problems. Unfortunately, for a few years, Poland has gone backwards in relation to women’s and lgbtq+ rights. The country is ranked 23rd in the EU in terms of gender equality. A few days ago, the President of Poland appointed a Council for Higher Education, Science and Innovation, which includes eighteen men and not a single woman. Moreover, in the past years, many municipalities have declared themselves “LGBTQ-free zones”. YES does not accept social exclusion. To manifest it, the brand has just launched its bold campaign against inequality.


The idea - behind the "I’m the future" campaign is to encourage women to believe in themselves. Polish women have been facing injustices and stereotypes for years. Today, they need to know they are the ones who decide the fate of the future. The generational bonds between women give power. The mother passes on to her daughter the most precious values like love, strength, and self-acceptance - of which heirloom jewelry can be a wonderful symbol. 

The new campaign, which is released a year after the previous, award-winning one, is set in upcoming times. We see the future of the daughter - selected episodes from her life until 2072. The heroine lives in Poland, a country free from the stereotypical perception of women's roles. In the world created by the brand, acceptance and mutual respect are daily occurrences. In 2030, she gets a toy car, which is now seen as a toy that belongs to boys. We see her happy and safe while walking home at night, experiencing the kindness of a random man. She supports her friends during their non-heteronormative wedding, given by a Catholic priest. We won't see flying cars, autonomous houses, or humanoid robots there. It is the story of an unusual everywoman, from birth to maturity, who finally, in 2072, will become the head of the Polish government. All of these situations show that anything is possible for a woman as long as she believes in herself. YES depicts a Poland where you can love whoever you want and start a family with them, being accepted by everyone, including the Catholic Church. The YES ring is passed down from generation to generation of women as a symbol of strength and a mission to build self-confidence and fearlessness.

As part of I Am the Future, three video versions were created: 90", 60" and 30". The campaign was being carried out on the Internet, social media and VOD platforms. Spots - 30" versions and sponsorship billboards were aired on TV, as well as on the screens of the Cinema City network. Campaign was available in showrooms in Poland and the Czech Republic. In spreading an optimistic vision of the future, YES is supported by Maja Ostaszewska (actress and a social activist), Aleksandra Kwasniewska (journalist and the former Polish president’s daughter), and Julia Sobczynska (model, finalist of the 10th edition of the TV show "Top Model Poland").